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Fixed #2

In an (half-page ad) open letter in the New York Times today from the National Italian American Foundation, chairman A. Kenneth Ciongoli wrote:

…many of us prefer the antics of Uncle Miltie and Don Rickles, who considered all American ethnics fair game.

Ethnicities. Fixed.


Lol… I give up

Is it contradictory for a grammarian to greatly enjoy lolcats?


Death to the ticker tape!

Television news shows are terrible to watch, and I believe they contribute greatly to attention deficit disorder. You have the anchor talking, a ticker with news (usually poorly spelled), stock numbers, and graphics popping up left and right. Stories are short, lack context, and (especially with local news programs) the images are nothing more than filler and played over and over again. Each bit of news is designed simply to be digestible, and encourage no discussion or action.

Read a newspaper, dammit, and learn how to corroborate information.

Fixed #1

In an Air Force base terminal – “flighline.”

Flightline. Fixed.

Editor & Publisher… wait, strike the former…

I briefly considered getting a subscription to the trade magazine Editor & Publisher, but three factors weighed against the possibility:

  • The cost. Trade publications are far more expensive than a regular magazine, and twelve issues of E&P weigh in at $99. And a free tote bag!!!
  • The convenience of the local library. Durr.
  • The misspelling of “receive” on the subscription card. Durr!